Plans are continuously developing for the RCLF, but take a look here for any questions you might have. If you don't see what you're looking for, shoot us a message! We'll answer questions about anything - just don't ask us about your Physics homework.

1.   What the heck is the Rocket City Lit Fest?

 We are - first and foremost - striving to be a literary festival that you'll never forget. The Rocket City Lit Fest (RCLF) has a dual mission in celebrating storytelling in all forms as well as making reading accessible to all with programs targeting common barriers to reading proficiency such as poverty, learning disabilities, and language.

2.  What will this shindig be like?

 This festival is fully multi-genre and has programs for all ages. The exhibition hall will be filled with authors, vendors, and fair activities (including face painting and inflatables!). The workshops, panels, and speakers will be just around the corner in the ballrooms. As we mentioned, all genres are welcome, but this is a family-friendly event so please be sure displays, cover art, and promotional items are suitable for an all-ages audience.

3.  We hear you have a swanky venue. Tell us about it!

 We do, thanks for asking! The RCLF is going to be at the Von Braun Center South Hall in downtown Huntsville, AL. This gives us over 50,000 sq ft of vendor space in addition to flexible staging areas. Hotel accommodations are at the Embassy Suites which is attached by a skybridge to the VBC and at the Marriott by the US Space and Rocket Center just 3.8 miles away. See our Venue and Lodging page for more information on reservations.

4.  How do I register for my own booth or table in the Exhibit Hall?

 Check out our store on the Square Market for Booths, Tables, and Sponsorship options. You can access it right through our Tickets/Register page as well as find more information on what comes with your vendor registration. 

5.  I like books and I think everyone else should, too. How do I Sponsor?

 We have a variety of sponsorship options available including program ads and event sponsorship. Please feel free to contact us at for more options!

6.  I'd like to volunteer! How do I get involved?

 First - YAY!  The quickest way to get involved is to join our RCLF Street Team group on Facebook. Join our crew of loyal minions and help us spread the word or help at events! If you aren't on FB, feel free to email us for more options at